We use the Creative Curriculum developed by Teaching Strategies, Inc. This curriculum is developmentally appropriate, focuses on hands-on learning and has an assessment component. Language development and emerging literacy are encouraged through the use of whole language approaches, which present learning throughout the day in meaningful activities. Our curriculum is integrated, we use strategies, which include learning and activity centers using thematic units. These themes or projects bring together content from various subject areas like language, math, art and music. Children are taught mathematics thought the understanding of order and pattern in the world around us. In order to understand how numbers apply to real life, children are given many opportunities for hands-on experience with pegboards, blocks, number lines, and materials for counting and measuring. Rather than memorizing isolated facts and rules, children actively participate in their learning. Children are place with their age appropriate peers, which provides the opportunities to work and play together. Children have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a caring adult and with their peers.